This post is a compilation of all the pedestrian bridges across the Lodge Freeway from downtown to Wayne State University/I-94, plus the Trumbull Crossing bridge across I-94 because its southern end is on the WSU athletic campus. I didn’t necessarily ride these bridges in order or on the same day, so I’m going to present them from south to north (up from downtown).

The southernmost bridge across the Lodge is also the only covered bridge. It connects the municipal parking deck at 900 West Jefferson Avenue with the rear of the TCF Center. This has been my favourite pedbridge in Detroit for a while, since the cylindrical shape with porthole windows makes it look like an airplane or a space station.

The TCF Center is obviously closed due to the covid-19 pandemic, and I didn’t attempt to enter the 900 West Jefferson deck (which is open Special Events and Holidays as needed according to its website; I don’t think Sunday 12 July 2020 counted as either), so the best I can do is a few shots from afar.

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The next bridge to the north is Fort Street Plaza, an overpass park on the Wayne County Community College District Downtown campus. (It’s my opinion that overpass parks count as pedbridges. They’re structures crossing a freeway upon which vehicular traffic is forbidden. If this were the Suburban Pedbridge Project, I’d consider Oak Park’s pedestrian plazas over I-696 fair game.) The Plaza includes a stepped amphitheatre area and a grassy area, and there was formerly a more traditional pedbridge over the Lodge just south of it. According to historical Street View imagery, that bridge was demolished sometime between July 2016 and August 2018.

The Porter Street bridge is tucked in between Most Holy Trinity Parish on Corktown’s eastern border and the Pig Farm Detroit Public Safety Headquarters. I’m always a little uneasy riding across it, since my usual route involves going east across the bridge and a bit of wrong-way sidewalk riding up the Lodge Service Drive and Howard Street to get downtown. I’m afraid that a DPD cop or federal security officer with nothing better to do will harass me for that perfectly legal biking manoeuvre.

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Speaking of MotorCity Casino Hotel, that’s very near the Spruce Street bridge, which connects MCCH’s surface lots to a small warehouse district along Grand River Avenue and Fifth Street.

The next bridge up the Lodge is Selden Street, which connects the Woodbridge Estates apartment and condo community with the Cass Corridor/Midtown commercial districts and the under-construction Midtown West condo building. The neighborhood streets in Woodbridge Estates are all named after Motown musicians and music groups, e.g. Miracles Drive, Temptations Drive, and Contours Lane.

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Canfield Avenue is the northern border of Woodbridge Estates, and also connects the Calumet Townhomes with William Clay Ford Field and the former GEE Edmonson Academy and Detroit Day School for the Deaf.

The two northernmost bridges of this post both have one end in the Wayne State University. The more southerly of the two is signed as Merrick Street, though I just think of it as the WSU Athletics pedbridge. It’s very Wayne State-themed.

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The other WSU Athletic Campus pedbridge, and the last one on today’s tour, isn’t actually across the Lodge. It’s the Brooklyn Avenue (signed)/Trumbull Crossing (what I think of it as) bridge across I-94, which links the Trumbull Crossing highrise with Adams Field, WSU’s football stadium.