Portrait by Meghann Pardee

Hi, I’m Alison Chan, a person currently living in the suburbs of Detroit, but aspiring to move to the city. I’m a coder, artist, and involved in the local convention scene.


I’m currently seeking employment. Check out my résumé! It’s continuously built and deployed with Travis-CI! I would like to do something with civic or educational tech, and I mostly have experience in Java, but I’m a quick learner. I haven’t done a whole lot of front end stuff from scratch, but I’d love to learn. As a Computer Engineering student in college I did quite a bit of embedded work on the Arduino platform as well as a bit of MATLAB, Simulink, and embedded C, and I excelled at that but haven’t had many opportunities to continue with it.

As far as open source projects, I’ve hacked a bit on the front end of Sefaria, an open e-library of Jewish texts. Check out my GitHub for more stuff I’ve done.

Technical Tidbits


My friend Rachel Chezick convinced me to take part in Inktober in 2017, a 31-day drawing challenge with a one-word prompt for each day in October. I’ve posted my progress to my Instagram, but eventually I’ll get a proper portfolio page set up on this site.


I’m the Head of Logistics for Penguicon 2018. I was the Assistant Head of Logistics for 2017, and the de facto Assistant Head of Logistics for 2016. Logistics at Penguicon entails collaborating with all the other departments. We need to know what we have in the storage cube, and what needs to go (or not go) to con, and how to get it to con. Logistics is a crucial position, because if we don’t do our job then nobody has the things they need at con. It’s hard but rewarding work.