Portrait by Meghann Pardee

Hi, I’m Alison Chan. I’m passionate about public transit, creating art, and shaping communities. I view technology not as an end in itself, but as a means to create and further community and make the world a better place. I currently live in the western suburbs of Detroit, but I’m in process of moving to Mexicantown.


I’m currently in the process of mapping all the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) bus routes and stop locations for OpenStreetMap. I’m also a member of Motor City Freedom Riders and Transportation Riders United, two organisations advocating for improved public transit in Southeastern Michigan.

Check out my progress on the DDOT mapping project here!

Technical Projects


I post my photographs and drawings to my Instagram profile, @passport.mid.


I’m the Head of Logistics for Penguicon 2018. I was the Assistant Head of Logistics for 2017, and the de facto Assistant Head of Logistics for 2016. Penguicon Logistics involves being the custodian of Penguicon’s storage unit, working with nearly every other department of Penguicon to maintain the inventory of con possessions, and coordinating the transportation of all of Penguicon’s possessions (plus a huge amount of food that is served in our hospitality suite) from the storage unit to the con venue.

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