Update 2020-07-22: Added dashcam frame grabs illustrating the recent developments in Hazel Park.

This past Thursday I was driving down I-75 on the way back from Micro Center. I discovered that the bridgescapes in Hazel Park have changed significantly since my last post.

  • There’s now a sound-isolating wall between the freeway and Hazelcrest Place apartments, near the Orchard Avenue bridge.
  • The Harry Avenue new pedbridge is open to the public, even as it still has some scaffolding on its outside.
  • The Bernhard Avenue old pedbridge has been demolished (and with it, the memorial to Jynx), and work has begun on its replacement.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to take new photos on Thursday. On 2020-07-22, I was passing through the area again and this time I remembered to take the SD card out of my dashcam and take some frame grabs, which are below.

Also, sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy with things like helping a friend clean out his house, job interviews, and lamenting the recent heat wave in Detroit. I documented all the bridges along the Lodge south of I-94 this past Tuesday, and I’m going to document all the bridges along I-75 between Ferdinand (the southernmost currently open bridge) and Leland (in Midtown) tomorrow morning.